Friday, June 13, 2008

Me looking out from Mesada
Dead Sea Scrolls. This is a section of Isaiah
First view of Petra
So, I'm considering a future in Modeling - dead sea products preferably
So this is the tree, on the top of the ancient ruin where legend has it Saul was hung. I think that it looks like a U2 album cover. Is there a U2 song called One Tree Hill? Because if there is not there should be
Sunset on Galillee - I ended up with a lot of these
So these are our bungalos that we stayed in at Galilee

This waterfall is up in Dan. Really pretty place.
Sunset on the sea of Galilee.
St. Peter's Fish. yeah, I totally ate one of these guys.
This famous mosaic is at the church built over the site of the feeding of the 5,000

The grotto in the Church of the Nativity, this is the traditional site of the birth of the Savior
The Seperation wall that stands between Israel and the West Bank. In building this wall they cut people off from hospitals, work, family, etc. Its a huge sore spot in Israeli - Palestinian relations.
Pilgrams being offered in the Jordan River, there was a group of Russian Orthodox that I chatted with for a while, they offered to baptize me, but I didn't want to get all wet considering there was still a bus ride ahead of me - Huge mistake.
The Sea of Galilee... and me

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